How to check Airtel number

If you are an Airtel SIM user then knowing your Airtel SIM number is very important. If you do not know how to know the SIM number or the code to know the Airtel SIM number, then we are informing you.

Airtel SIM is one of the famous SIM in Bangladesh. Good news for you if you are an Airtel SIM user. Airtel SIM has very fast network speed in Bangladesh. You can easily use Airtel SIM from anywhere. Because with airtel sim you get fast network anywhere in Bangladesh. Airtel SIM is a sim with very fast network.

How to check Airtel number

Below we present the code that you need to dial to check Airtel SIM number. The code that needs to be dialed to get the Airtel SIM number is:

Airtel number check code is *2#.

If for some reason you can’t see your number then definitely think of network problem try again after some time you will see your number.

Or the 5 digit USSD code *121*7*3# which Airtel was giving to the customers earlier. You can use that USSD code if you want.

Also if you have a smartphone then of course you can easily check your number and other SIM details by installing and logging in the My Airtel app on your smartphone.

how to check airtel number

Recently Airtel released a new single digit Airtel Number Check Code to give more convenience to the customers.

By using the new Airtel code, customers can easily remember the one-digit USSD code and can easily retrieve their SIM number at their convenience.

There are many ways to find Airtel SIM number, the easiest way is to find the number by dialing the code. So that you can find airtel sim number very easily. And how to find out the code we are showing below.

Check Airtel SIM number is:

how to check Airtel number in bd

If you are a Bangladeshi or living in Bangladesh then you need to dial to see your SIM code number. You can get your Airtel SIM number from anywhere in Bangladesh through this code. The code is:


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